Custom design service

Yes, we can make custom printed BIG ribbons! How great do these look?! With spaces for names, times and dates, it’s a great record of a win or PB.
Get in touch and we’ll make your awards happen quickly, beautifully and within budget.
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Rugby teamwork

These bannerettes look AMAZING! What a great way to commemorate a team 👏
We printed these with a custom coloured ink on traditional navy felt. They’ll be sewn with white fringing on the bottom and a timber hanger and string on the top edge.
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Custom printing

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons! These are custom designed firsts, seconds and thirds for a school in South Australia. They’ve been printed and are waiting to go through the tunnel drier.
By far, the majority of what’s requested is royal blue, red and green ribbon, but we have a rainbow of colours to choose from which means we can usually match your club or school colours. A great momento!
You can also get creative and surprise your participants with something out of the ordinary. We love that!
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