Coronavirus impact and management at Hall Screenprints

Has Hall Screenprints been impacted by coronavirus COVID-19?

Not directly. None of the owners or staff have any known contact with COVID-19 cases. (Last updated 18th March.)

Indirectly, our customers have been heavily affected. Schools and sporting clubs across the country are cancelling or postponing sporting events and so they don’t need our ribbons or pennants at this time.

Until this changes, we have had to make the very difficult decision to stand down our casual employees and return to family-only operation.

What are you doing to manage coronavirus COVID-19?

As mentioned above, we have had to stand down our employees, so Hall Screenprints is essentially self-isolating since only members of our family household are working here.

Our household has been practicing strong social distancing since Sunday the 15th of March when there were less than 300 confirmed cases in Australia, so we are minimising the risk of bringing COVID-19 to Hall Screenprints.

We don’t have a retail shopfront, and have very few visitors. Deliveries are not frequent, and usually come by post or courier from Melbourne. We believe the time in transport greatly reduces the risk of us contracting COVD-19 from our supplies and materials.

Additionally, Australia Post and couriers are practicing no-contact deliveries, further reducing risk.

Is it safe to order from Hall Screenprints?

We believe so. (Otherwise we would not send them to you!) The precautions noted above lead us to believe we are not carrying COVID-19.

All of our products are baked in a tunnel dryer before despatch. While certainly not a medical-grade disinfection, it is likely that this would greatly reduce the viability of any viruses present on the products.

Additionally, products on the website will be delivered from Brisbane by Australia Post or courier. For most parts of the country, this will take 2 days or more. This time reduces the viability of any stray virus particles (even though we believe we are not carrying COVID-19) so we believe any risk to be small.

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