About Us

Hall Screenprints was established in 1963 by Ron Hall.  A family business, Ron's son Peter and his wife Julie took over in 1993, when Peter returned from many years working overseas.

Early in 2015, James and Leonie McIntosh became the new family behind Hall Screenprints.  We look forward to carrying on the fine traditions for many years to come.


Who are Hall Screenprints customers?

Schools, Sporting Clubs, Sporting Distributors, Trophy and Awards providers.  In over 50 years, we have produced awards for a great many schools and clubs.  We probably have a design for you already - ask us!


What is important to Hall Screenprints customers?

Quality, Service, Price, and Pride. The first three are easy to understand, but often taken for granted.

Quality is critical, because our premium awards represent your school or club, at a much higher level than flimsy products with poor printing.

Service is must, and we bend over backwards to meet your deadlines.  You can't reschedule the grand final or sports carnival because the awards weren't ready! 

Price is the ultimate deadline.  Our customers find that they can purchase our premium awards at the same price as economy awards, because they are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Pride is more difficult to understand, because it's specific to the nature of awards that schools and clubs present to students and athletes.  You must be proud to be presenting the award - design, quality, appearance.

The student or athlete must be proud to receive the award - it must be something worth striving for.

The parents of the student or athlete must be proud to display the award.  By showing friends and family, posting on Facebook or Instagram, and proudly hanging on the fridge or wall, your school or club builds its image as sowmething worthy, to be proud of.


Why screen print and not digital?

Hall Screenprints has always been about quality.  Using high quality Australian made ribbon and felt, our awards look and feel great.  They are the kind of ribbons and pennants that your students and athletes are dleighted to receive.

In many areas, screen printing has given way to digital printing.  We use digital processes to design our artwork, provide mockups and create our screens.  However at this time, digital printing cannot reproduce a high quality result on genuine felt or satin ribbon.  Screen printing delivers solid blocks of colour, fine detail and custom design at a reasonable cost.  So, we use the best process for the job!

We also use a hot foil stamping process for a standard ribbon designs.  Once a metal plate is manufactured, hot foil stamping can quickly produce a high volume of ribbons, provides excellent quality (when using high quality ribbon and foil) and can incorporate effects like reflective metallics, glitter and holographic prints.