Recognising effort

We’ve been a little quiet on social media because we’re trying very hard to figure out a way to get our business through this awful situation with the utmost of care and concern for the actual real issue – the health of our family and friends and everyone else!

So we’d like to show you these bright, fun multi packs we’re making. Each pack comes with shiny silver print saying encouraging things like “SUPERSTAR” “GREAT WORK” and “PARTICIPATION”. We made them because we realise not everyone comes first place, but everyone needs recognition for doing their best 🤩

Today, I’ve taken a pic of “WELL DONE” because we reckon if you’re staying home, avoiding going out for non-essentials, then a big well done to you!

What would you like to see on an encouragement ribbon?

#recognitionworks #encourageeffort #rewardforeffort #noteveryonesawinner #successcanbesmall #confidencebuilder #selfesteembuilder

Reclaiming screens.

We’ve had a big month here at the shed so there are quite a few screens that need reclaiming so we can get onto new orders.

It’s such a satisfying process watching the emulsion disappear under the pressure hose. 🤓🌊✨

#screenprinting #cleaningday #rackemup #reclaimingscreens #maintenance #smallbiz #brisbanebusiness #handmade

Screen time

It really is all about the quality here. Bring proud of the work we produce means we love handing it over at the end of the job. It means we know you will be proud to hand the award to the participant who put the hard work into their achievement. 💪🌟👍

#screenprinting #familybusiness #smallbusinessmatters #qualityiseverything #workhard #sportsawards #brisbanebusiness

Those wooden planks from yesterday…

are beginning to turn into something now. The rain on the shed roof provides a nice chilled background for repetitive jobs and the good clean print going onto the timber is so satisfying 💪 Happy hump day!

#screenprinting #timberprinting #brisbanesmallbusiness #logoprinting #printingforbusinesses #shopsignage

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