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Satin pennants

As well as felt pennants, we can also print onto satin for an entirely different look and feel. Usually these pennants are smaller and don’t have any sewn on elements like tabs. We use a special satin that doesn’t fray when it’s been cut.

Here you can see how we slice the satin and a few of the blue colours we have in stock. These oblong shapes will have 2 pennant triangles handprinted and then they’ll be sliced and trimmed.

Big things!

We make little things (like award ribbons!) but we also make BIG things! James and Abby are cutting felt for some huge banners for a special order. These will be custom hand screen printed using big screens and lots of time, love and care 🙌

Regatta pennants

James printed up these slick satin pennants for Oxley Sailing Club this week. Simple but effective white ink on royal blue satin. They just need to go through the tunnel dryer then have a little trim with the blade then they’ll be ready to go out ⚓🌬️⛵

Zoom zoom

Our newest recruit fired out the ribbons today! Cassandra’s been working hard to perfect her technique and we can confidently tell you she puts out top-quality work 👍😁 Welcome to the Halls family Cassandra ✨👏

New things!

We loved printing this impressive design for graphic designer extraordinaire Kat at Good Lucky for Great White Tattoo. It sits beautifully on our felt pennant and the royal blue ink looks really schmick on the light blue felt don’t you think?

Custom design service

Yes, we can make custom printed BIG ribbons! How great do these look?! With spaces for names, times and dates, it’s a great record of a win or PB.
Get in touch and we’ll make your awards happen quickly, beautifully and within budget.
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