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Coronavirus COVID-19 warning safety status ribbons

Short Explanation

We have developed a four colour ribbon system, to assist with the management of the impacts of coronavirus COVID-19 in Australian society. Each colour coded ribbon comes with a safety pin for attaching to clothing, to indicate COVID-19 status, risk and to reinforce appropriate behaviours.

Using well understood colours to indicate levels of risk, we believe these Coronavirus safety status warning ribbons can assist organisations to deal with the medium term management of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Long Explanation

As the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 is rapidly increasing in Australia, we are beginning to think about how to manage the impacts to our workplaces, schools and public places like shopping centres.

There are short term impacts like toilet papercancelling events and even potential lockdowns, but COVID-19 will be with us for a long time to come, even if a successful vaccine is developed within 18 months.

As this coronavirus pandemic moves from days and weeks into months, organisations are going to need to manage their workforce – not just for a two week lockdown, but how to carry on operations for months or years. How will you manage people returning to work after self quarantine, or after recovering from COVID-19? What will you do to mitigate the impact on your staff who have not yet been exposed to the coronavirus?

In other fields, anyone interacting with the public will want to know that their staff can be reasonably protected, and the public will want to know that the staff are safe to be working and interacting with customers.

If Australia goes into a lockdown like China or Italy, (or France and Spain), people in isolation must still be allowed outside for essential activities such as shopping for groceries and going to the pharmacy. They must keep their distance from others, and limit the amount of time in public places. These people will be mixing with people who have no known exposure, and need a way to indicate that others should give them as much space and care as possible.

If you would like to know more, please contact Hall Screenprints to discuss.

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