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Custom printing

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons! These are custom designed firsts, seconds and thirds for a school in South Australia. They’ve been printed and are waiting to go through the tunnel drier.
By far, the majority of what’s requested is royal blue, red and green ribbon, but we have a rainbow of colours to choose from which means we can usually match your club or school colours. A great momento!
You can also get creative and surprise your participants with something out of the ordinary. We love that!
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Go for gold!

✨Today we’re printing some Cross Country ribbons with metallic gold ink✨

This ink has a beautiful soft shimmery finish and looks great on almost every colour ribbon (we wouldn’t recommend printing with this on our gold or yellow ribbons though…) and is a good option when you want custom ribbons.
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Printing machines break sometimes

A printing machine gets a new part. We mainly print ribbons by hand here at the shed but we also have a couple of machines to help us from time to time. Now he’s almost ready to help out with big orders when they roll in again ️
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